Real Fruit ice cream Machine

Trendyblends: our desktop real fruit ice cream machine blends together ice cream or frozen yogurt with frozen fruit to create a sensational real fruit ice cream with very little effort and high profitability.

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Desktop machine

Compact and space efficient.

Easy maintenance

Clean on the go with no tools required.

Stainless steel construction

built to last & little maintenance.


Our desktop real fruit ice cream machine is compact and takes up little bench space. It will provide a great additional revenue to fruit shops, nurseries, heath shops, delicatessens, cafes, restaurants etc. and is perfect for mobile use such as ice cream vans and caravans (markets, festivals, events etc.).

Its self-cleaning feature allows you to quickly clean the mixing cone, auger and tray between customers. At the end of the business day, the machine comes apart in a few seconds to allow you a more thorough clean.

Our real fruit ice cream machine is reliable due to its rugged construction, but also comes with a warranty on motor and electronics.

The self-cleaning feature as well as it manual handle gives you more control while making a delicious real fruit ice cream.

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Sensational and natural real fruit ice cream

Real Fruit Ice Cream is a popular and growing trend in the Ice Cream market, it is healthier, delicious and has excellent margins.
Real Fruit Ice Cream Machines have large Augers that blend Ice Cream and frozen Fruit together to create a tastier Ice Cream, with no artificial flavouring, colour or additives. In a much more health conscious society people are looking for more natural options. More profitable than regular ice cream: you can increase your margin significantly per ice cream. Please contact us for profit margins on real fruit ice cream, which we can tailor to your business.
By simply blending together frozen fruits and ice cream or frozen yogurt, you can create the most sensational and healthy real fruit ice cream that you customers will come back for time after time. With Trendyblends you can make the prefect blended real fruit ice cream!
A sensational ice cream?

  • Tasty: flavour and colour by only adding your favourite fruit.
  • Healthy: fresh frozen fruits and ice cream with no additives.
  • Diverse: delicious real fruit ice creams limited only by your imagination.
  • Profitable: greatly improves your margins and profit.

Machine Parts

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